Windows Cannot Find MSCONFIG

The simple solution is to verify that msconfig.exe exists in the following directory:

If it does not, you must place msconfig.exe in that directory:
From a command promt (Start -> run -> type: cmd)
Enter the following in the command prompt (Windows XP CD in the drive):

or Enter the following in the command prompt (Windows Vista CD in the drive):

If msconfig.exe does exist in the above directory, the solution is to verify/replace the registry key:

Check if an entry named msconfig.exe exists. If it does check the default value which should be the path information pointing right to the location of msconfig.exe in the Windows directory. You can double-click the default entry to change the path if it is the wrong one.


If the msconfig.exe key does not exist in the Windows Registry do the following:

  • Right-click the App Paths key and select New > Key from the menu that is appearing.
  • Name the new key MSCONFIG.EXE.
  • Double-click the default value in the right window and add the full path to msconfig.exe as the value.

The changes are immediately which means it is possible to try to run msconfig again to see if the changes have fixed the problem.

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